Just a question about privacy

From: Jenny (Jnd@admiral.cc)
Date: 12/26/02

From: "Jenny" <Jnd@admiral.cc>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 13:47:01 -0800

I for the first ijme tis school year am home schooling my
two boys. And we are going through the charter school
OHELA and my question is..if their computer is conected
to our computers can they read my emails? Can they see
everry email and when I go into chat rooms when te kids
go to sleep(not the dirty chat rooms clean chat rooms)
are they able to see everything I write to someone?
 Is there any privacy that would be had for me if we use
this computer we receved to help with te childrens
education. The computers were given to help the children
with their learning and me to write the teachers and
chart hours and scores on test. But it also was to be
able to be the familys computer but if they are watching
and seeing everty thing I write (like what I am writing
right now to you) then am i not entitled to privacy? It
is a state funded school and I dont know reall how this
works i just hoped maybe someone else knew about this and
can help. And Is there anyway for me to block them from
seeing everything I do on the computer all the time? I
now am starting to feel like I am being watched all the
time I dont want to look up about ghost or any thing
because these people might see what i am looking up and
think I am crazy or something... Is there anyone who can
help me with this question or that has an idea to help
me? Than s for your time...,Jenny