Re: Software Update Services (SUS) - SA Edition

From: John Smith (
Date: 12/20/02

From: "John Smith" <>
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2002 03:47:47 -0800

I did. And she has contacted several people at Microsoft
and nobody has been able to locate this for a week.
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>Contact your MS account manager or something like that?
>Svyatoslav Pidgorny, MS MVP, MCSE
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>> We have Software Assurance (SA) licensing and therefore
>> should have access to the SA Edition of Software Update
>> Services (SUS) which is referenced in the following
>> article
>> url=/technet/itsol
>> utions/msm/swdist/pmsusog.asp An excerpt from the
>> article is listed
>> below. I cannot locate the appropriate CD nor can I
>> any information on Microsoft's web site which would
>> indicate where I can obtain this software. Can anyone
>> assist me acquiring this software whether through
>> downloading or the appropriate CD?
>> Thanks,
>> John Smith
>> Patch Management Using Microsoft Software Update
>> "SUS is available in two versions. One can be downloaded
>> from
>> ult.asp; the other is available as a licensing program.
>> The downloadable version downloads and installs
>> system critical updates and security rollup packages
>> (SRPs). All other patches, including applications,
>> packs, and non-critical updates that need to be
>> before they are issued as a security rollup package, go
>> through distribution and deployment.
>> For those customers on the Microsoft Software Assurance
>> (SA) licensing program, a more comprehensive version of
>> SUS is available that can download and install operating
>> system service packs, non-critical security updates, and
>> selected Quick Fix Engineering (QFE) fixes determined to
>> be vital to the successful operation of the operating
>> system. This version is known as SUS SA Edition.
>> Organizations wanting to obtain and use SUS SA Edition
>> their environments will need to participate in the
>> Software Assurance program. For more information on this
>> program and licensing in general, see