IIS Attack/Corrpution?

From: David (hostmaster@intelliflex.com)
Date: 12/18/02

From: "David" <hostmaster@intelliflex.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 10:31:46 -0800

Found Issue - SSL's need their own IP address. An IP was
changed to the same as an existing SSL which confused



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>Good Day,
>We are having issues with our IIS server (5.0 on Win2K
>Server). For instance, one SSL enabled site comes up
>another one of our sites certs when going into encrypted
>mode. If you click on the cert on the home page,
>everything is fine. Some of our other websites show pages
>can not be found errors.
>Some of the sites with issues are ASP driven.
>Some email won't reach certain email users. This seems to
>be intermittent, as some mail comes through.
>If anyone has any ideas, we would sure appreciate the

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