Re: IPsecpol and DNS lookup question

From: Steve Riley \(MSFT\) (
Date: 12/18/02

From: "Steve Riley \(MSFT\)" <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:13:29 -0800

I presume you mean DNS *name* when you say "DNS address."

Remember that the computer will have to perform a DNS lookup if you use DNS
names in IPSec filter lists. Make sure that your policy is allowing access
to your DNS servers so that name resolution can occur.

Steve Riley
MCS Security Consulting Practice
"Jane Tunnicliff" <> wrote in message
> I have been using the Win 2 K command line IPSec tool, IPsecpol.exe.   I
> have a filter that is configured to allow traffic to and from a particular
> DNS address.  I can ping the DNS address successfully (it is a group of
> multiple time servers).  If I set the filter to allow traffic to and from
> the DNS address it fails.
> If I set the filter to allow traffic to and from a specific IP address
> (within that DNS group), then the filter works just fine.
> We are not running Active Directory DNS within our domain.  Does anyone
> if IPSecpol filters, in static mode, can be configured to use a DNS
> instead of an IP address?
> Thanks for any information.

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