Re: EvidenceEliminator

From: Alun Jones (
Date: 12/16/02

From: (Alun Jones)
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 15:47:58 GMT

In article <029801c2a50a$b51d0870$8af82ecf@TK2MSFTNGXA03>, "KC"
<> wrote:
>I have been receiving a warning that my personal
>information is unprotected, windows security alert
>#25992. To protect download EvidenceEliminator from
> Should I download this?

My advice: spammers lie to you. Why would you download software from someone
that lies to you? Spammers steal from the Internet community. Why would you
download software from a thief?

The "warning" that you are seeing is in reality a pop-up advertisement, either
from viewing a web site that gets funding from such thieves and liars, or from
the messenger service (if this is the case, see previous postings on how to
protect yourself from messenger spam). Consider visiting a site that doesn't
rely on deceitful advertising from conmen, and further consider whether it is
safe to run programs from people who have to rely on deceit in order to
promote their worthless "products".


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