Re: Two firewalls better than one ?

From: Robert Burris (
Date: 12/12/02

From: "Robert Burris" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 07:40:48 -0600

In my opinion, running two application-level filters (personal firewall) is
dumb. Personal firewalls are generally resource-hungry, and often seem to
make the system prone to crashing. I use Kerio at home with IPSec (Windows
2000). That gives me two layers of protection. I've recently added a
Netgear DSL/Cable Router with NAT, which gives me another layer of
protection. I did not add the router for extra security, but I have a need
to share an Internet connection with a Cobalt Qube. The NAT is just gravy.

Personal firewalls are designed to be used by clueless people, that is those
people who have enough of a clue to install one. But that ease of use adds
complexity, and that complexity means that they can be more easily broken
and harder to fix. If you are running server applications on your
workstation, like IIS, make sure you are patched. Make sure that you are
running those server applications in their secure configuration, relative to
your needs. Unless you have a compelling reason not to do so, you should be
running anti-virus software too.

"steve" <svaardt@h0tmail. com> wrote in message
> Is there anything to be gained (or lost) from running more than one
> upon your Windows Machine ?
> For example Zonealarm, and BlackIce or Windows XP's firewall plus another
> Firewall such as Nortons Personal firewall ?
> Steve

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