Outlook Express

From: Fort (vyfortknocks@hushmail.com)
Date: 12/06/02

From: vyfortknocks@hushmail.com (Fort)
Date: 6 Dec 2002 08:45:47 -0800

Tom Byrd wrote:
> What danger is there running Outlook with the preview
> pane on? I been told there is a problem because of the
> way Outlook reads and executes HTML code.

There are those that say Outlook itself is a danger, preview pane or
preview pane.
What I think you're referring to is the nasty email bugs that can
execute as
soon as the message is viewed, and the preview pane views a message as
as the message is highlighted. If you have a fully patched system
then this
is marginally less of a concern, but IMO one should never read mail or
with OE unless you're running AntiVirus (with the most recent virus
definitions!) and a software firewall.

Terrific Response!
What about addressing the issue of people on a Windows Platform not
running any services and dis-abling them before the computer goes
on-line? If you install anti-virus or firewall after leaving Windows
file and print sharing open, this will not stop the Hosts, Servers and
Virtual Private Networks from running on the victims computer.
Dis-able these services won't remove the above, nor will it remove the
Backdoor(s) and Trojan Horse(s).
If you know of another way, speak up.


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