Address book grabbing, and Printer out of Paper

From: Ken Burgess (
Date: 12/05/02

From: "Ken Burgess" <>
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 19:33:07 GMT

I post this to both groups since there may be some relation to the two.

I have a Compaq Presario 1260 Laptop, 333 AMD K6/2, 64MRam and ~ 2.8GB disk
running W98 (1st edition), Office 97, MSIE/OE 6, all critical updates, modem
only, and no MS Messaging. It runs clean with Mcafee AV v5.21 with All
Files and All Heuristics selected.

Some time ago I started recieving bounced mail messages from random sources
that had seemed to stem from my system. Occassionally the messages would
state that a virus was enclosed. Both Norton and MCafee came up zilch. I
didnt do much other than make sure that all general maint was performed and
more frequent AV runs for possible detection.

About the same time when I would go to Kinkos to print files out, I would
always get the error message of 'Printer out of paper' when obviously that
was not the case and most other systems could connect fine. They use a
standard suite of Adobe PS printer drivers which had worked fine until
around this time. They use a Xerox Docuprint 4025 that has direct cables
that plug into the parallel port. The printer is a network printer that
goes through some little box to make it look like a local one.

I do have a local Cannon 200ex bubble jet printer that seems to work fine
from the same port.

My question is even though this may seem to be an unlikely connection-
- How can I detect/resolve this address book grabber bug that seems to evade
- How can I get the Kinkos printer problem resolved
    (yes I know there are other options, but I would really like to get this
little bug fixed),
  Has anything like this occured before,
  What is it the code that generates this message,
  Could it be a generic message that may indicate another type of problem,
  Have you heard of anything that might affect the print spool/queing/...
system or ports that might cause this bug.

Is there any connection between these two seemingly unique issues??

I have checked the MS Support KB and no answers,

Thanks, ken.

Ken Burgess        NCA Solar/Renewable Energy Product Cooperative Sustainable Sonoma County Community Group

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