Re: Q329414 MDAC patch - how do I know it is applied?

From: B. Goodman (
Date: 11/22/02

From: B. Goodman <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:19:12 -0500

In article <101c801c2922e$6a0be2f0$8df82ecf@TK2MSFTNGXA02>, selliott99 says...
> I ran the security patch on two computers running Windows
> 2000 (SP2), and it seemed to install properly. However, I
> read the security bulletin (MS02-065), and it says to
> check the Program Files\Common Files\System\msadc folder
> for a list of files. However, none of those files appear
> in that folder on my system. Has the patch still been
> applied? How can I tell? Thanks.
Please try this to see if it helps you, I have copied it from a follow-
up post I made a few minutes ago on the same topic:

I would like to suggest that MS rework their KB article for this patch
to correct the inaccurate information they have listed regarding the
files that are installed. Specifically, they list the following:

The following files are copied to the Program Files\Common Files\System
\msadc folder.
   Date Time Version Size File name
   21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 856,768 Msadce25.dll
   09-Oct-2002 21:16 2.12.5118.0 135,440 Msadco21.dll
   21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 430,080 Msadco25.dll
   25-Sep-2002 18:47 2.62.9119.1 147,728 Msadco26.dll
   09-Oct-2002 21:16 2.12.5118.0 49,936 Msadcs21.dll
   21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 135,168 Msadcs25.dll
   25-Sep-2002 18:47 2.62.9119.1 57,616 Msadcs26.dll
   21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 615,655 Msdaprst25.dll
NOTE: Because of file dependencies, this update may contain additional

However, NONE of those files is actually there BY THOSE NAMES. It
appears that the two-digit number refers to the MDAC version already on
the machine, but it does NOT appear in the file name.

So, a machine with MDAC 2.5 will have a files:
21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 856,768 Msadce.dll
21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 430,080 Msadco.dll
21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 135,168 Msadcs.dll
21-Sep-2002 00:36 2.53.6202.0 615,655 Msdaprst.dll

And, a machine with MDAC 2.6 will have files:
25-Sep-2002 18:47 2.62.9119.1 147,728 Msadco.dll
25-Sep-2002 18:47 2.62.9119.1 57,616 Msadcs.dll

Finally, a machine with MDAC 2.1 will have files:
09-Oct-2002 21:16 2.12.5118.0 135,440 Msadco.dll
09-Oct-2002 21:16 2.12.5118.0 49,936 Msadcs.dll

Hope this helps! Brought to you by a company just a wee bit smaller
than Microsoft! ;)

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