Re: messenger service popup

From: Mr C (
Date: 10/28/02

From: "Mr C" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 15:44:23 -0000

As i understand it, you can Net Send to a specific IP address or host
(/me quickly tests)
yup, you can
the easiest way of blocking this is once again Firewalling off your 135-139
ports from the internet.
This Really should be firewalled you know, especially these days.

There may be ways of blocking this without installing / messing round with a
firewall, i'll have to have a better look at it.

A few Questions for you
How are you connected to the internet ?
What environment do you use windows in?
How clued up are you on TCP/IP

Matin Christopher

"Mark Reed" <> wrote in message
> I recently read an article on how some of the email spammers are now using
> windows messenger service to launce popup ads on user's screens. This
> of ad can pop up even if they are not browsing the internet since it is
> based on messenger services that is commonly used with the NET SEND
> command.
> Does anyone know how this works? It is my understanding that the
> service only works on the subnet the sending host resides on.
> M. Reed