Re: can't log into secure sites

From: KARIN (
Date: 08/20/02

From: "KARIN" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 05:43:08 -0700

Windows 98 and I use Internet explorer 6.0
  I switched to cable (Comcast) earlier this year and it
seems that is when my troubles started. Little things
here and there.

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>What operating system and what version of browser do you
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>> I've been having trouble getting into secure webites
>> as payment pages and credit card sites. I've played
>> my security settings and privacy to no avail. I was
>> by one of these companies to check my internet explorer
>> properties and there found that I have 0 cipher-bits. I
>> was told that that was the problem and should have at
>> least 128. I don't even know what this all means but to
>> their suggestions came here to to download
>> the latest security updates. Still no changes to
my "bits"
>> Can anyone out there give me any suggestions? I am
>> handicapped not being able to log into my business
>> from my home PC. E-mail to
>> PLEASE!!!!!!