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From: Richard Hilton (
Date: 06/26/02

From: (Richard Hilton)
Date: 26 Jun 2002 10:27:36 -0700

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> >> Thanks for the quick response.....I don't mind paying for something
> >> that is going to be quality......If you have any recommendations for
> >> products, I can determine whether the "price is right" later....thank
> >> you
> >
> > Sorry, I'm not familiar with commercial auditing tools, just the free
> > ones. Each of the free ones IMHO had particular drawbacks, but I'm
> > having trouble recalling what they were. Maybe someone else here has an
> > opinion.
> ..myself, I consider "running on gpl'ed os'es", a _requirement_.

Hi Jeff

Just wanted to suggest you look at our product, Stealth Audit. Its
does hardware, software inventories plus much more. It requires no
client installation and is very easy to configure. It comes with the
MSDE (Microsoft Desktop Edition of SQL Server 1.1) which works fine
for up to 500-600 pcs or you can use SQL Server or Oracle as the
underlying database. Finally, the software can be purchased or rented
at a very inexpensive cost but a full working version, with a
5 pc limit, can be downloaded from our site. Simply go to then select Solutions, then IT Asset Management, then

Let me know if you have any questions.


Richard Hilton
Hilton Consulting Group

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