Re: Content Advisor

From: Ned Flanders (
Date: 06/24/02

From: "Ned Flanders" <>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2002 14:45:02 -0500

I got curious. So....

To remove the password:
Stop IE
In RegEdit or REGEDT32, navigate to

Delete the REG_BINARY value called "Key"
When you startup IE the next time, Content Advisor is still enabled, but the
password is blank so you can set it to whatever you like. This also has the
side effect of allowing you to surf wherever you like no matter what the
content advisor settings are.


"Ned Flanders" <> wrote in message
> MS won't advertise the fact that this is ridiculously simple to defeat.
> IE 5.5 SP2,
> Stop all running instances of IE
> Open up Regedit
> Navigate to the key:
> s\.Default
> Double-click the DWORD value called "Enabled"
> Set value to 0
> (for clarity, that's a zero, not the letter o)
> click OK.
> Start up IE. Navigate wherever you like.
> Note that you can't turn it back on again unless you know the password.
> took me all of 2-1/2 minutes to find the on-off switch location though so
> imagine I could find the password area pretty quickly if needed.
> hth
> Curtis (AKA "Ned")
> "Sarah" <> wrote in message
> news:fdf501c21b9f$01249580$a5e62ecf@tkmsftngxa07...
> > I inherited a used computer from the main office. Someone
> > enabled the content advisor so that a supervisor password
> > is required to see any web page. Now, no one knows what
> > that password is. I've searched the microsoft web site
> > (using a different computer!) and have come up with
> > nothing. Does anyone know how to disable this without
> > knowing the password???
> > Thanks.