users unable to log in

From: Jim Davis (
Date: 06/19/02

From: "Jim Davis" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 07:06:49 -0700

OK, here are some additional data points. It appears that
the machine is spontaneously rebooting every night. The
creation of new groups is not necessary, you only have to
add users to the administrators group and then remove
them. Then they can login. Again TIA. -jd

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>I have an externally accessible NT 4.0 server in the DMZ
>running web services. Sometime between Sunday afternoon
>and Monday morning something happened that prevented
>from logging in (including IUSR_MACHINENAME). No other
>users could log in locally either unless they were
>of the administrators group.
>I created another group named webaccess and made
>IUSR_MACHINENAME a member and granted the right to log in
>locally to this group. Web services were functional
>although other people still couldn't login. Sometime
>between 5pm yesterday and 8am this morning that stopped
>working and the web services were unavailable again.
>Creation of a new group worked after removing
>IUSR_MACHINENAME from webaccess.
>I downloaded and installed all patches this afternoon and
>rebooted the machine as required. Now IUSR_MACHINENAME is
>unable to login again and the creation of a new group
>doesn't seem to help. I see nothing obvious in the logs
>other than Code Red attempts every once in a while. TIA
>for any assistance. -jd