Re: Gaining access to hidden files to remove virus

From: Ben Harris (
Date: 06/17/02

From: "Ben Harris" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 21:53:41 -0700

Thanks for the suggestion. I thought of a surprisingly
simple approach to the problem, and it worked!

I simply opened System Restore (Start | Programs |
Accessories | System Tools | System Restore) and created a
NEW restore point for today's date. This had the effect of
replacing the files in C:\_RESTORE\TEMP with the clean
files now on the hard drive, effectively eliminating the
virus-infected temporary files in the Restore folder.

I ran a complete virus scan afterward, and the system
checked out as totally clean.

I recommend this simple procedure to anyone with a similar
problem. Thanks again for the assistance!

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>i am just guessing here, but maybe its worth a try...
>boot using a win95/98 startup pure dos mode,
navigate to the
>directory where the virus is and delete the infected
>this should work(logically at least).
>let me know if it did.
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>"Ben Harris" <> wrote in message
>: Please help with the following problem which Microsft
>: not help with because my operating system came with the
>: computer:
>: Two (2) viruses are lodged in three (3) files in
>: C:\_RESTORE\TEMP folder in Windows ME (detected by AVG
>: virus program by Grisoft).
>: The infected files are hidden. When I go into properties
>: for that folder and attempt to change the attribute
>: (undo "hidden"), I am denied access to make that change.
>: Even when I disable the Restore utility in ME, I still
>: not allowed access to these files, so I cannot remove
>: them. The virus program also is unable to remove them.
>: Question: How can I gain access to these files to remove
>: the viruses? If I were to perform a "restore" function,
>: would I then infect the computer with these hidden
>: viruses? How can I get around Microsoft's control
>: obsession to gain access to the infected folder and get
>: rid of these viruses?
>: Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.