best current comprehensive security book for Windows 2000/XP

From: byrne again (
Date: 06/15/02

From: "byrne again" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 22:23:17 -0700

Found a new release with promise at Amazon:

The Hack-Counter Hack Training Course: A Network Security
Seminar from Ed Skoudis

Amazon says it will "published on 07 June 2002"

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>Looking for the best, straightforward resource available
>for someone interested in learning more about real-world
>threat assessment, step by step best practice system
>security configurations, practical defensive strategies /
>decoy deployment, system and network integrity monitoring
>and reporting, intrusion detection and isolation,
>intrusion response strategies, intruder discovery / back-
>tracing / legal countermeasures, forensic evidence
>required for prosecution / law and liability, and
>from system / network compromise...
>My first review of available publications turned up
>Hacking Exposed, Third Edition as a possible first buy
>it went to print last year...
>Any thoughts on a better option with focus to global
>threat analysis & prevention?