Sr. Product Technology Manager

From: S.Suter (
Date: 06/11/02

From: "S.Suter" <>
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 06:14:54 -0700

Sr. Product Technology Manager-
-The primary responsibility of this Product Technology
group is to work closely with the Product Marketing team
and the R&D groups to define a product technology roadmap
that can be executed by the appropriate teams. This
position will be responsible for product release
management and the delivery of products from development
to the market.
-The PTM will have a strong technology background and
understand the implications of new technology on the
products being developed and deployed. The PTM will work
primarily with the Product Marketing Group, the Product
Development groups, other Product Technology Managers, Pre-
Sales Engineers and Sales Account Managers. Acting as a
domain expert to a virtual team of architects and software
developers, the PTM's vision will guide the development
-Must have in depth knowledge of todays distributed
operating systems software such as NT/2000/XP.NET,
Netware, Unix, Linux, OS/400, OS/390 and Z/OS.
-Experience working with Security products and
technologies, distributed systems and mainframe experience
or equivalent
-Main directory products; LDAP (SQL), Web Services, java,
XML and ecryption technologies.