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From: Michael J. Reeves, AA, ASc (
Date: 06/10/02

From: "Michael J. Reeves, AA, ASc" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 12:01:49 -0700

On Sat, 8 Jun 2002 05:53:10 -0700, "Dolly Jack"
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>If you suspect that someone might have had access to your
>computer and installed spy software in order to read your
>mail and messaging, by maybe getting your passwords, or
>however it works, how do you go in and locate the program
>and uninstall it? Sure hope someone out there can answer
>this question, so I can figure out if something is going
>on, or I'm extrememly paranoid.

        There are 2-types of spyware: Software and Hardware.

        Software is a program that monitors functions of other programs
and hardware. Usually, the data is stored in a file within the
subdirectory for the program.
        IF you know exactly what programs are installed and their
location, you can check for programs that seem bogus and verify what
they do.

        Hardware can be a card inserted into a slot within your system
or into a peripheral such as the keyboard. It can monitor keystrokes of
the keyboard directly and save the data on the card or attachment
coupled with a software program for storing and sending the data via the
internet ONLY when you're logged-on., or it could be working in
real-time by sending the data to a recorder/computer close by
        To check for something like this, you'd need to open and verify
the integrity of your hardware. It's possible you could detect a
wireless set-up IF you had another computer that could scan for a
wireless transmission.

        In either case, you'd have to be very computer aware and
experienced to be able to verify the integrity of your system.


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