Re: Password on a file

From: Justin (
Date: 06/10/02

From: "Justin" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 13:09:29 +1000

Thanks, but my first question on how to implement it- eg Do you still use
Outlook Express, and how do you choose to Encrypt, and how to decrypt. Also
I couldn't find a download for personal email on the PGP site, it seemed to
be all business server products ...


"x y" <> wrote in message
> Yes, but they need to have PGP and either PGP will need to find and
> your public key, or they will have to import it themselves. I believe you
> can email them your public key and they can often just double-click on it
> import it. PGP does take a little learning, and it is not always as easy
> when you just clicked send to send an unencrypted email. In other words,
> any encryption software is probably enough to confuse a PC user that is
> very computer-savvy.
> You would probably not want to encrypt and sign every single email you
> out, as you have to enter your password when decrypting an incoming email
> and when signing an outgoing email, and you need to back up your keys to a
> safe place, as if your hard drive crashes, you may lose the ability to
> your email.
> It is true that PGP is maybe not the best way to authenticate that the
> is really from you [as there is no person authenticating new certificates,
> so anyone could theoretically set up a PGP certificate from, say,
>], but the encryption is sound, and it's free, unlike
> other PKI setups which may require a yearly fee to a commercial
> authority.
> "Justin" <> wrote in message
> news:Om1$g82DCHA.2712@tkmsftngp05...
> > After a first look at the PGP site, can PGP be used to email someone
> outside
> > your organisation (eg family)?
> >
> > Justin
> > "Justin" <> wrote in message
> > news:#5zVzm2DCHA.1576@tkmsftngp04...
> > > How do we implement PGP, and what of the public/private keys?
> > >
> > > Tks
> > > Justin

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