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Dustin Cook wrote:

Well, I intended on having one cat... A few years ago tho, my brother and
his ex broke up and I inherited another feline; she had no where else to
go. My latest edition sadly has feline leukemia (sp?) and has to be kept
seperate from the other two; She was a birthday present...

I don't think anyone would consider me a witch tho, I'm pretty much into
science; not magic, wicca, or other.. ehh, religious beliefs. Not that
I'm an atheist exactly, I just don't buy the stories is all.

When you can find a few minutes to spare, please go here :

You will find more "Thoughts of BoaterDave" for digestion!


James Eshelman runs a BB rather like Jenn's, not just at Aumha, but
here, too:-

FYI - from this page:-


James A. Eshelman in San Francisco
James Eshelman is a noted Thelemic author, astrologer, and magician. He
is the Chancellor of the College of Thelema and the Prolocutor-General
of the Temple of Thelema. In addition, he is the author of the highly
regarded text, "The Mystical and Magical System of the A.'.A.'.".


As many of you know, JAMES A. ESHELMAN is a scholar, writer and a
teacher of occult and metaphysical subjects for over 25 years,
originally in the field of astrology and then in magick, mysticism,
Qabalah, tarot, occult psychology, and related Hermetic subjects as
well. He was admitted to the A...A... as a Probationer in 1979, and to
full initiation as a Neophyte in 1981.

During 13 years of membership in the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.), he
served in numerous capacities, including Deputy Grand Master General. He
resigned from the O.T.O. in 1992 to devotee his full energies to other

Mr. Eshelman is presently Chancellor of the College of Thelema. He
serves as Prolocutor-General of the Temple of Thelema, which he
co-founded in 1987 with Anna Kria King and Phyllis Seckler. He is a
former Grand Chief of Fraternitas L.V.X. Occulta (Fraternity of Hidden

He is the author of the acclaimed book "Mystical & Magical System of the
by Jim Eshelman > Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:17 am
Jim Eshelman "The word of the Law is Thelema" (CCXX 1:39). Learn to Know
& Do Your True Will! User avatar Jim Eshelman Lost His Marbles


This may or may not be of any interest at all - fun exploring though! :)

Did you find time to watch the video clips?

No, I've been going over some movie rips to make sure everything went
smoothly. The practice is still more art than science. :(

You really *should* watch this one!

Take care, Dustin! Have a great day. :)


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