Re: Msseces.exe Excessive CPU

Now how does that answer his question? Totally useless post.

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"David H. Lipman" <DLipman~nospam~@Verizon.Net> wrote in message news:i3a1ma08f8@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: "David Kaye" <sfdavidkaye2@xxxxxxxxx>

| Msseces.exe is part of MSSE. I'm noticing that on some machines it run
| excessively, so much so that I'm taking it off those machines and replacing it
| was Avast. Now I'm getting excess CPU on one of my own machines.

| If I kill Windows Explorer (that is, the user interface) and restart it from
| the Task Manager, it loads up everything fine, including msseces.exe and I
| have no further problem.

| Does anybody here have a clue as to why msseces.exe is hogging CPU on some
| machines and not on others? On other machines it's silent, and just
| occasionally blips a little here and there.

| Again, as is usual with me, I'm looking for REAL ANSWERS from people with
| experience dealing with this, not speculation on what MIGHT be wrong.

| Thank you.

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