Re: Has David Kaye the expertise to check?

David Kaye wrote:
I guess I do have the expertise. A guy with a networking problem was doing
some research on Google and came across the various posts labeled "David Kaye"
and decided to write me back. We spoke on the phone. He operates a real
estate office in the SF area and needs some tech help. We came to some fair
terms and I'll be working on his project Wednesday.

They say that all publicity is good publicity. I'm not sure if that's true,
but I'm happy that he took a chance on me.

So, I guess I'm saying I don't care if you plaster my name all over Usenet.
It gets me business.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that I have a long list of satisfied customers he
was able to check, too.

David Kaye - it was a serious question! ;-)

Have you *ever* looked closely at an operating system - after it has been declared *clean* by MBAM - to determine if there might still be some malware resident on the machine?

My suspicion is that most folk would *never* delve further.

Always wonderin'!


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