Re: Anybody Come Across A Weird Redirect?

Use my Remove-it software. Choose No for the host file modification when
prompted but I recommend you choose yes for everything. If the problem is
still there then run my diagnostic tool called whatslivern. That file after
a few seconds, when complete, will generate a log file. That log file will
be saved in the same directory you ran the program from, if you need help
diagnosing the log file then send me a copy of that log file.Download it

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Jolly Polly <kneedown@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've had a similar thing recently in a computer running XP, similar in
respect that I could find no malware but it continued to redirect web
pages, but only in I.E.. I never tried other browsers to be honest.
I reset the Internet Protocol <netsh winsock reset> and reset I.E. to
default removing any personal setting and toolbars. This cured the
problem, but I don't know why.
If you do solve your problem, please post back. I don't like not knowing.

I'd like to know myself. I still haven't found an answer and I've reset the
IP stack with that little VB utility with the big red cross on it. I forget
the name. It's an extremely handy utility I've used hundreds of times. It
didn't change anything.