Re: A/V update, Wordpad CLSID folder w/ctfmon.exe

"NT Canuck" <ntcanuck@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\WordPad
Stop the process in task manager, and cut/delete file/folder.
The A/V's should have been updated yesterday with this
but if you find one of those little stinkers..then upload it
to your A/V online feedback/repository.

I should note that only the one above (if found) in wordpad
folder marked with clsid at above noted location should be culled...
an example of a CLSID 'folder name' (may differ)

The one in windows/system32/ctfmon.exe should only be
scanned as that one is part of MS Office and used for
language changing (little taskbar critter on tray) and
altering the (I think) keyboard layout for alternate input.

'Seek and ye shall find'
NT Canuck