Re: Boot from CD to do recovery console

On 12/18/2009 11:24 AM, MR wrote:
Please note that I read here another post, and got my pc to boot (made
changes in the BIOS)-
My CD-ROM is still functioning so I dont know what will happen next time I
restart my system.
Note my safemode is not working or reg windows logon.
Sorry for this post. But as far as booting from the CD making the changes, I
have taken that step forward.

Uhm, if you have malware issues AND these seem to affect your ability
to boot to Safe Mode or Recover Console you should look at alternative
methods such as a Live Boot malware/AV CD or one of the Live Boot Linux
compilations which can also be used for malware cleaning and other
modifications within one of the NT OSs.
The REASON for this suggestion is that whatever seems to be affecting
the boot process has already been loaded once the XP SP2 system boots.

What malware or virus are you attempting to remove?

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