Re: The Missing Visual Component of This NG--Interpreting a Vault Message

David H. Lipman wrote:
From: "W. eWatson" <wolftracks@xxxxxxxxxxx>

| I find it somewhat surprising in a recent post I made that no one can
| interpret a message from the AVG vault that I'm mystified by. Well, OK,
| I've not posted it, so how could that be?

| I've requested that someone provide me with a web site that allows the
| temporary post of an image of the vault contents. No responses. I know
| they exist, because I used one a few months ago. I've misplaced the
| bookmark; however, as an example, there's one for exchanging information
| on the text of a computer program. <>, but that's for
| collaborative debugging of (text) programs. So why isn't this info a
| "natural" part of this NG?

| One respondent suggested an AVG Forum. That's fine, but what about here?
| I would think the simple interpretation of vault messages would be well
| known to any regular on this NG.

I believe I asked for log excerpts and NONE were provided.

And how would I get them to you?

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