Re: Will my pc be cured if i format

From: "Connorav" <Connorav@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Ok i tried formatting the c drive and it wont let me because programs on it
| are in use (maybe windows itself?:S) so I tried booting from disk.I tried
| wiht the windows disk present and it simply loads me into windows.Im starting
| to think this is going to be awkward, would it be worth getting a
| professional to do this?

1. If you have a MBR RootKit a simple format will not healp.

2. If you have plain old pita malware yes, a format will remove them (andy everything
else, even the good stuff).

3. The above is true if you have just a "C:" drive, a drive that is partitioned or
multiple hard disks.

4. You do NOT format from within the OS. You boot off the Windows OS distribution CD,
delete the partition table, recreate the partition, reformat and then re-install the OS.

If the above sounds complicated... Take it to a professional.

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