Re: Virus removal if no internet connection

From: "robgraham" <rttgrahamwow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You need to do network diagnostics first.

You are on BTInternet.

How do you access the Internet (ex. aDSL) ?

| Yes

What equipment is between you and the Internet ?

| Router

Have you checked to see if there are any problems with your ISP in your
area ?

| There are no problems. My desktop connects perfectly. The problem is with my
| laptop, which connects via a Linksys wireless adaptor, or, if too far away,
| via a Belkin Powerline adaptor. Now neither work. I've got a thread going on
| another NG re my connectivity, but I thought I'd ask in this NG about
| virus/malware.

| Rob

OK, process of elimination.

Move the laptop close to the router and directly connect the laptop via an Ethernet cable
and re-boot the notebook and re-check connectivity.

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