RE: Worm?

Happened on Yahoo mail 6/07/09....Also ran OneCare and Avast! and nothing.
Tried to contact Yahoo and that was almost impossible. Changed password and
added a security sign to my sign-in, but just the fact that someone can do
this is

"Ed3856" wrote:

This hit me yesterday, 6/1/2009. Same symptoms, basically same message
except for link to go to. My online (hotmail) address book is emptied, but
not the one on my PC. Have you learned anything? I've run both a OneCare
and a Panda scan.

"P3318" wrote:

My HotMail account has been compromised, the following message was sent to
all the entries in the address book and then the address book was deleted.

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I have searched and found others who have reported similar but have not seem
anyone answering with anything definative about what this is, how it happened

I have run scans of my PC and it comes up clean each time, anyone know
anything about this? I am assuming that it is a Worm.