Re: MalwareBytes !!! was a quite useful site.

Of course, I don't ever go there, since the person you mention, if that's
his real name ! ...became associated with it. i.e.
...and I would thank you BD to stop dragging up the distant past !

regards, Richard

"~BD~" <BoaterDave@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
1PW wrote:

Hello Richard:

You are head and shoulders above the users who fail to realize the threat
is real and it's almost always at or near your doorstep. You are on the
right track. Keep going!

Warm regards to you,


I'll second that!

Richard also felt uneasy with the 'advice' given to him by Bill Castner on

Has anyone *here* anything to say in support (or otherwise) of that site?

Always interested and enquiring!