Re: Trojan Horse (unspecified)

The machine came from an IT Professional who's no longer available and was
especially set up for me. So what can I do but "make do" now?

Plus the Trojan in question (is the ONLY one I've EVER had!) JUST appeared
yesterday on a regular weekly Anti-Virus scan and the software it's in is
identified; I'm just trying to remove it! (So I AM being a responsible
user.) Next month I'll just have to pay SpyDoctor to get rid of the browser
rediretors and NetRatings since you're too superior to lower yourself any

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

From: "Chris2T" <Chris2T@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| That was neither very kind -- nor helpful!

| Anybody else out there willing to simply answer my questions? I've managed
| pretty well so far with just your help and not all of us can AFFORD the
| latest and grreatest these days!!

| Thanks, Chris

I'm sorry, it is NOT about being kind. It is about being SAFE.

Anybody here worth a grain of salt and sees a thread about malware or the possibility of
malware on a PC that had been previously used will tell you the same thing. Wipe the PC
and re-install the OS from scratch.

*NEVER* accept a previously used PC without wiping the hard disk and re-installing the OS
from scratch.

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