Re: Trojan Horse (unspecified)

OK! I downloaded the SuperAntiSpyware, ran it, then re-ran Norton Anti-Virus
-- and NO viruses -- so it worked! Maybe: the computer (previous owner)
also has Spyware Doctor -- so I ran THAT -- says it still has 3 instances of
"FlashGet" browser redirector and 1 of "Net Ratings"! So how do I get rid of
those -- or do I have to pay $30 to have the Spyware Dr. people do it for me?

Plus I have "Aluria Security" in this computer too! Do I really need that
TOO? (Along with current Norton Anti-Virus and their Symantec's Firewall, all
of which I use!)

And also while we're at it, just HOW do I remove a screensaver (the
suspicious one)anyway? I can't find it by the filename in "Find" and
right-clicking on it in "Display" doesn't give me a "Delete" option and it's
not on the list of "Add/Delete" choices to make either. (I'm in Windows 98SE
on a ten-year old IBM Thinkpad).

BTW, thanks Dave!

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

From: "Chris2T" <Chris2T@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Norton Anti-Virus scan (Updates downloaded today) found a Trojan Horse that
| it didn't find last week. It's in "christmasjoy.exe" which is a screensaver
| I downloaded last Xmas. Can't seem to delete the file with Norton: how to
| get it ALL out?

Give the following pair a shot at it...

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


Multi-AV -


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