Re: Alleged virus I can't detect

Thanks for the tip. I'll be sure to avoid and other similar sites, and
suspicious software such as the one that is advertised in a pop up and is called
AntiSpyware 2008 :-)
Regards, Saga

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Hello all, I have a Win XP SP2 on an office PC. A few weeks ago the enterprise was
infected with Sallity virus. Removal was a pain, to say the least. The virus evaded the
firewall and the McAfee Enterprise virus suite.

My PC has been desinfected, but still show signs of something that I can't identify.
Perhaps by describing its behavior here someone can offer an opinion.

Download and run/use the MBAM tool listed below, it's considered one of
the best free removal tools, is created and hosted by a reputable group
that is respected by the anti-malware community, and you can read about
it at the link below./

Do not trust anything from disreputable sources such as PCBUTTS1.COM, no
reputable person or group in the anti-malware community will direct you
to that site.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

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