Re: Is Malwarebytes Antivirus Software?

From: "Malke" <malke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| HTFiddler wrote:

I would like to know if I purchase Malwarebytes for $24.95 and run
their active protection, if I still need to run antivirus software?
Or is Malwarebytes just focused on the spyware, adware, rogue
software? Thanks ..... Henry

| The information that PCButts1 gave you is incorrect. He is not a Real MVP or
| a real anything except a troll.

| There is no need to purchase MBAM unless you want it to do realtime
| protection, scheduled scanning, and scheduled updating. The free version
| works fine to remove malware and it is an excellent program.

| However, MBAM is *not* an antivirus. You need a separate program for that. I
| recommend NOD32 (commercial) or Avast if you want a free antivirus.

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Yes. MBAM does NOT target true viruses such as the new variant of Virut.

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