Re: Help with possible virus/malware/spyware infection

i had this same thing going on!!!!!!! talk about getting pissed off... can
usually get them off quick and effeciently... this one sucked!!!! i found
that file in the device manager... worked like a charm, thanks man!!

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

From: "paintlover70" <paintlover70@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| When trying to run the program its like it won't install it on my
| desktop....I saved it to my flash drive and then when trying to install it
| won't install it completely.

| I did the same thing with the spybots program. Saved it to a flash drive
| and then when trying to install from the flash drive I receive an error
| message that says " Error sending request. A connection with the server
| could not be established."

| I tried to even do a system restore and my computer won't do that.

Go to Control Panel --> System --> Hardware --> Device Manager
Viiew --> show hidden devices

Look for TDSserv under "non-plug and play drivers"

If it is there, disable it and reboot. Then try again.

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