Re: Help with possible virus/malware/spyware infection

I cannot open any website that is for an anti-virus, malware or spyware

I can no longer update my anti-virus program, AVG nor Bitdefender. As I
stated I receive the error message "cannot connect with server"....When I try
to go to these websites the page will not open. I receive the "Internet
Explorere cannot display the webpage", but I can open them on my laptop no

How do I go about scanning my computer for any virus's when I can no longer
even access/update my current virus programs?

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

From: "paintlover70" <paintlover70@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Operating system is Windows XP.
| Antivirus program is AVG Free.
| Recently my AVG program would not update. I keep receiving a message that
| states it cannot connect with the server. I went to the website for AVG free
| and found out that my computer is most likely infected with a Malware. There
| was a discussion on this site about how to get help with the problem.
| Suggestions were to a couple of different virus/malware programs, re-install
| AVG free, check the TCP-IP settings as well as HOSTS.
| Unfortunately just about any virus, malware, spyware site I go to the
| Internet page will not open, yet I know they work because I am able to open
| them on my laptop computer.
| I ran Windows Defender, Windows live care, CCleaner & Adware (ones that I
| already have on my desktop), and all came back with no issues.
| I tried to un-install AVG so that I could install Kaspersky and I keep
| receiving a message from Kaspersky saying that AVG has not been uninstalled.

| I really could use some help in trying to remove whatever it is that has
| infected my computer....
| It has reached the point where I am having trouble opening websites and I
| worry about any of my programs that I currently use and back up religiously
| on flash drives. I don't want to save whatever virus, etc. onto the flash
| drive and transfer it to my laptop.

Please fully elaborate on your symptoms. All I got out of the above was "having trouble
opening websites ".

Besides "having trouble opening websites ", what are you experiencing and specifically
what web sites can't you open ?

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