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Leythos, which "security people" claim the tool is useless?

Your claim is certainly unsubstantiated by the data. We released the tool in
early 2005. As of June 2008, the tool has executed almost three billion
times and has performed over 62 million disinfections on almost 24 million
distinct computers.

This information, plus much more research, is available from our
twice-yearly Security Intelligence Report. You can download the latest
edition from You can see a list of the malware
families the MSRT recognizes at; we update

How many people, other than MS people, do you see suggesting that it's
the proper tool to use when removing malware?

How many people, other than MS people, do you see suggesting that
compromised computers should be cleaned with it?

How many machines were not cleaned by the MS provided tool?

You don't have to take my word for any of it, all you have to do is a
LITTLE research to see that noone in the community puts any serious
faith in using the tool.

I have NO connection to any vendors products or tools, I have no
investment in any vendors products or tools - I make this statement to
affirm that my opinion is not biased by greed.

My personal experience with over 3700 machines this year, is that it's
not effective when compared to other tools. I think the MSRT is a noble
effort and was a good thing, but actually securing the OS would have
been more worthy and a better allocation of money.

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