Re: dnsChange virus

I'm saddened to learn that you have a continuing problem, OG.

You said "Then IE8 is started"

IE8 is in Beta - advice I've had says that you must expect problems if you
use an 'un-finished' product. I suggest you uninstall IE8 and try to revert
to IE7.

I've enjoyed browsing your web site btw! :)

Just to rub salt into the wound, you didn't need to pay anything to download
and use Malwarebytes on a one-off basis (i.e. not continuous protection).

If you have a rootkit, rather than try to find and kill it, I'm sure it will
be much quicker for you to 'Flatten and Rebuild'. If you have access to the
Internet, you may 'enjoy' reading through a thread I started earlier this
year, still available on Google, here:-'ve+done+both+of+these+'silly+things'!+#ee5f99b403a1e451

My subsequent discussions now lead me to believe that one needs to clear the
CMOS and probably flash the BIOS too if one wants to be sure of a clean

Good luck!



"Øyvind Granberg" <tresfjording@xxxxxxx> wrote in message

As a continuance of the thread "Do I have a virus?"

Well it's back. The Trojan.DNSChanger virus has really never left the
I have downloaded and paid for software called Malwarebytes and it finds
six instances of this virus.
I choose to remove them, and the software wants to restart my computer.
After reboot, a rerun of Malwarebytes shows that my system is clean.
Then IE8 is started. All of a sudden I cannot connect to any website, not
even google
A new run of Malwarebytes reveals yet another six instances of the same

A checkup on all other computers in the household tells a tale of a
massive outburst.

I've got my ISP to reset the ADSL router, much against his beliefs, but no

I am running, amongst others, a self built Windows Vista Ultimate based
pc, with all updates, and all security measures running.
Windows Defender
A weekly run of Spybot and Adaware
I reckon if I can clean this computer I can easily fix the others.

What am I doing wrong here?
Is this Malwarebyte a hoax?


Vennlig hilsen
Øyvind Granberg