Re: Questioning the 'helper' - is this true?

You sick ****** . Did you not read the correction after and not only that the emails that was exchanged after with the OP which you of course did not see.

Someone should put you in a straight jacket and leave you in there where the sun don't shine

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Thank you FTR and Mr Lipman. Here is the original thread:


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Read the following carefully and notice the double AA

ISAASS.EXE is a Windows file

ISASS.EXE is Malware and should definitely be cleaned.

Which AV and other Malware\Trojan cleaners do you have


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I have been getting this popup notice:
I keep clicking Deny. I've read that it's a trojan and I've also read that
it's a process of the Microsoft security. How do I know for sure which one
it is? I've scanned the computer with Avast and asquared, also done an
online scan, and they are not showing any problems.
Please help if you can.

Comments from Peter Foldes invited, bearing in mind the comments from FTR
and David H Lipman.