Re: Shift and PenDrives


Is there any way to prevent executing autorun.inf in a pendrive when inserted?

"Mantas Mikulėnas" wrote:

Francisco Gomez wrote:
Does really pressing 'shift' when inserting a pendrive prevent being infected
from it?


I suppose that it prevents executing 'autorun.inf' and other autoplay
options... So the virus, usually contained in an "exe" or another executable
launched during autoplay, is stopped. Then, you can manually delete it (using
shell window you can change attribs and remove those system / read-only files)

First, AutoRun and AutoPlay are separate things. AutoRun executes the
autorun.inf file. AutoPlay just scans the disk for

Second, at least in Windows XP, autorun.inf's on pendrives aren't
executed automatically - you still get the autoplay's "choose action"
screen. So even if you don't hold Shift, nothing will be automatically
launched from a pendrive.

I don't know if are there boot serctor viruses active that could hide in a

A pendrive isn't that different from a hard disk - it has boot sector,
it can have partitions, etc. But the boot sector is only executed when
you boot the system from the drive.

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