Ooops! Sorry.

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FYI - there is no requirement to 'sign-in' to Jenn's BB - all are free to


I also got " Please enter your username and password to log in. "

It seems to be a religious site anyway?

Oh dear! Sorry Andrew (and to Peter too) - Jenn must have altered things
without me noticing (I'm usually 'logged-in' all the time), but I do know
she has been bothered by bots and SPAM.

It isn't simply for religious matters at all. In particular I have placed
items there so that they don't get lost - easier to find there than on the
many CD's I've used to store data so that I can quickly flatten and rebuild
my 'test' computer.

I'm sure you will be made most welcome if you'd like to register and join me
there. It's a friendly place and my posts are not removed!

Are you still at work? Enjoying it?

Warm regards,