Re: Caution! Re: Vundo

"Mhaxx" <supermhaxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Oh.. I downloaded the "OneClick Spyware Expert" and scanned my PC. Is
any risk? :-(

Yes, had it been new malware you would have bitten by it.
I'm not saying it is or it isn't - only that what you describe is
bad behavior securitywise.

Has someone tried to download and run that file other me?

Probably, many people have unsafe computing habits. I'm not
chastising you, it's just information for anybody reading.

Anyway no new virus/malware seems to be there after I scanned my PC with
that program. I hope so.. :-(

I'm sure if one of the experts here knew it was definitely bad
he or she would post to caution you - and provide guidance.