Re: Antivirus 2008/2009

"Liar, liar, pants on fire!" Is that your only defense? (Yes, I know you did
not use those exact words, so don't get all excited.)

You stated, "You are mistaking MVP's with MS employees, they are not. So you
can't even understand what you are reading."

Apparently, you thought that I do not even know what an MVP is, so I chose
to stoop very low (again) and answer your ***ridiculous*** ASSUMPTION. I
posted one link showing ***that I do know what an MVP is*** and you somehow
think that is a "lie" on my part? NOWHERE did I say that the link had
anything to do with my previous searches for your specific "The Real Truth
MVP" misnomer. The two comments are TOTALLY UNRELATED.

How about YOU step up and ***be a man*** and GIVE US A LINK proving that you
are an MVP, i.e., a real official ***current*** Microsoft-awarded "Most
Valuable Professional"? Or are you too chicken?

Until you man up, NO ONE has any reason to believe a single word you say.
Put your money where your mouth is. Until you do, I will have EVERY REASON
to think it is you who is lying.

Gregg Hill

"The Real Truth MVP" <toidi@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Well the you lied when you said this "I found in Google searches evidence
from Microsoft employees indicating that you are not an MVP" MS would not
post anything saying that for two reasons.

1. Because I am a current MS MVP and they know it.
2. MS employees who deal with this stuff do not posts to newsgroups.

Now do you want to back up your lie by posting a link to that Google

Cyberstalking is a crime. If you had one as bad as I did simply ignoring
them is not an option.

"Gregg Hill" <greggmhill at please do not spam me at yahoo dot com> wrote
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Indeed I do!

Gregg Hill

"---Fitz---" <---fitz---@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
"The Real Truth MVP" <toidi@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
You are mistaking MVP's with MS employees, they are not. So you can't
even understand what you are reading.

I think he understands perfectly what he's reading.