I was a bad boy and was downloading bad things from the internet

Windows Defender found a Trojan: Win32/Vundo.gen
Used Window Defender to remove it
It told me that it needs to send the file to Microsoft
I allowed it. Windows Defender crashed.

Used Windows Defender and Norton Internet Security 2008 to scan the entire computer
Same Virus was found by Windows Defender.
It was able to remove it this time

NIS 2008 found no virus

Now every time I login to my Vista Home Premium 2008, I encounter the following error message

Title: RunDLL
Message: Error loading C:\Windows\System32\urqOGVPJ.dll

The specified module could not be found

OK button
Click on it, it goes away

Rebooted. Same error message
Went to C:\Windows\System32 and deleted urqOGVPJ.dll
same error message


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