Re: BSOD due to base????32

From: "Bob J" <BobJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| I'll need a little guidance here as I'm unfamiliar with DOS. I think I may
| have left a step out. I don't get a BSOD, but it hangs just before the logon
| screen (the mouse is present and responsive). Same thing happens if I try to
| boot into SafeMode.

| Here's what I did after booting to Recovery ...
| c:\windows\system32>copy basesrv.dll basetdf32.dll
| (returned a message something like "1 copy created"

| I obviously missed something here.

The first thing to understand it is NOT DOS. There is no DOS under a NT based OS.

Your system may be hosed and you will have to perform a repair install.

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