Re: Trojan-Spy.HTML.Fraud.gen

It happens when I try to add a page. I thought it was in the categorizing
but I was mistaken. This is what I get:

File Anti-Virus Alert
Trojan program (modification):
C:\Cozy Home Jewelry Store\local\preview\desktop\preview.htm

If I choose skip, it will pop up again telling me that the file is still

"David H. Lipman" wrote:

From: "ewibarby" <ewibarby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| I am running Windows XP Pro on my desktop and have Kaspersky Internet
| Security 6.0 as my security ware. I have built and am editing my website
| with Ewisoft Website Builder.

| I have categorized my products before with no problem but it seems now, all
| of a sudden I get a Trojan popup (the one in the subject line). Everytime I
| delete it, it comes back. I've tried to quarantine but I can only delete it
| or skip it. There is nothing for me to allow it. I am not sure if this is a
| safe trojan or not. Please advise.

| Also, the Trojan keeps on popping up while I am on the internet or my email
| now.

It is a HTML declaration so you can only block it, you can't quarantine a web page.

WHEN does this happen ? When you are editing the web site ? When you view it ?

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