Is AVG 8.0 a/v sweep detecting Spybot S&D innards ?

Well, I haven't got a list like this:-,124300,124620

but, someone in there is advising the guy to un-immunize, (using his
installed Spybot S&D), and then sweep with AVG a/v scanner !

So, is my AVG 8.0 detecting something that Spybot S&D put into my registry
to thwart malware, as suggest by the guy on the above link ? ...or do I do
as suggested - un-immunize with S&D | sweep with AVG again | then
re-immunize ?

At the moment AVG a/v sweep has located 30 registry keys of the form:-

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX

Result/Infection column, to the right of these items are mostly "Found
....and there's a few others e.g.
Adware.NewDotnet (now, I did have a NewDotNet variant a while ago - I'm
sure I flattened and rebuilt after that !)
Adware.Generic3.BRJ (two of these - hinting that my ISP / Orange has
something naughty in it)

....any views on whether AVG 8.0 a/v sweep is just detecting keys dropped in
by Spybot S&D ?


regards, Richard


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