Re: Please help!! Boot Virus??

From: "Paceman2007" <Paceman2007@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| Hello everyone I'm new at these newsgroups but I really need an experienced
| users help. I have a computer at my business that runs our whole voicemail
| system so It is killing us to not have it working but heres the problem.
| Every time I boot the computer it tells me that i have a boot virus and that
| i need to put in a blank bootable floppy, so I made a boot floppy on a
| windows xp computer, and then made my voicemail computer boot of the floppy,
| and all that did was show the "A:\>" symbol and let me type dos commands and
| I just dont know how to get rid of this boot virus please help me!! I REALLY
| need my voicemail.

| Thank you very much, Pace

First you have to describe WHAT is indicating you "have a boot virus".

Is it an anti virus application ? If yes... Which ?
Is it the BIOS ?

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