Re: Spybot say REGFIX.EXE is a threat - why?

"Newsgroup. A particular group within the Usenet. In October 2000, there
were more than 100,000 newsgroups. Each newsgroup is named according to a
hierarchical convention. Categories such as "rec," "comp," or "misc"
identify the general subject of the newsgroup. Additional terms are
sometimes added, uniquely defining the newsgroup within a collection of
others. Examples: comp.lang.perl.misc, rec.pets.cats,

"jen" <jen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
: "Leythos" <void@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
: news:MPG.227fc1e0cc0d46598975d@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
: > In article <OEL3YETqIHA.4788@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, jen@xxxxxxxxxxx
: > says...
: >> I repeat, *Usenet is a peer to peer network of "servers"(look it up).
: >> Microsoft
: >> does *NOT* peer with *any* other newsservers*, therefore Microsoft
: >> *is
: >> not* a part of Usenet. They simply make their *.public.* groups
: >> "available to anyone ON the Usenet". Sink in yet? Come back when
: >> you
: >> can comprehend simple logic ;)
: > Jen, you are wrong, you don't understand how it works.
: > You almost get it right and then you screw up because you clearly
: > don't
: > understand how it works.
: You clearly don't understand the simple fact that in order for
: to be *a part of Usenet*, they *have* to *PEER*
: with other newsservers. Microsoft does *NOT* peer with *any* other
: newsservers*, therefore *is not* a part of Usenet.
: They simply make their *.public.* groups "available to anyone *ON* the
: Usenet"(if a NSP's admin adds the microsoft.public.* hierarchy).
: If you can *prove* otherwise, I'll be glad to "apologize" ;)
: -jen


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