Re: Spybot say REGFIX.EXE is a threat - why?

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Microsoft *is not* a part of Usenet. They simply make their
Again, you're missing the point - they have a Usenet service, it's the
root of their "Groups" that you are using - it IS the infrastructure,
the foundation, the technology that they use to build from.
Yes, they make select parts available to other feeds, and they have a
private Usenet server also - you have to authenticate with it to
it, but that is part of Usenet methods and it is Usenet.
Don't mistake Usenet for the part that is public, and not every Usenet
provider carries the same groups, some only carry a fraction, some
you monthly byte count, etc....
Again, MS is using a News Server that is based on what we all use as
Usenet, and they provide the masses that don't know about Usenet with
web interface to it also.

You're the one missing the point ;) It's very simple, really...
The NNTP *protocal* That MS' newsserver uses IS NOT USENET, period. I
see you *still* don't get it... Oh well...
Do your homewark!

Do your homework yourself. Usenet is what is available, based on the
defined structure, and it could encompass public and private servers
where private servers allow public connections.

Here is a link to what you should understand about Usenet:

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